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We are looking forward to supporting media representatives on site. We recommend to contact our media contact in advance with an email to media[at], As an official media representative you will get a press badge when arriving on site with extended access rights. It will be our pleasure to get you in touch with interview partners and to provide you with good locations for taking pictures and videos or for recording good audio sequences. Please report at the information office to get your press badge and related instructions.

Images with captions

The following pictures with recommended captions can be downloaded in print resolution via the indicated links. Images without  credits: by Reto Schilliger.

Official logo of the Jet World Masters 2013   >  LogoJWMGross.png

From the left: General Staff Colonel Peter Merz (Commander of the hosting Meiringen Air Base), Yves Burhkardt (Secretary General of  the Swiss Aero Club and president of the organizing committee ) and Urs Mayländer (member of the Swiss Jet Scale Team with his BAe Hawk). Photo: Peter Mayländer)   > MerzBurkhartMaylaender.jpg

Meiringen is ready! Announcement of the event next to Meiringen Air Base. > WerbeBannerMeiringen.jpg

Defending champion of the 13,5 kg class: Philip Avonds (Belgium) with his Fouga Magister. > PhilipAvonds2011MitModell.jpg

Defending champion of the 20 kg class: Vitaly Robertus from Russia with his Jak-130 at the Jet World Masters 2011. (Photo: Kirill Agafonov, (c) ASC RUSJET) > VitalyRobertus2011Modell.jpg

Static judging of a BAe Hawk in the colors of the Swiss Air Force, here at a Swiss national championship. > BaubewertungHawkSM.jpg

Hunter from Swiss team member Roger Thoma in the colours of the Patrouille-Suisse at the Jet World Masters 2011 in Dayton (Ohio), USA. > HunterRogerThoma.jpg

Swing-wing MIG 27 of the Russian team member Boris Satovskiy, at the Jet World Masters 2011 in Dayton (Ohio), USA. > SchwenkflueglerRussland.jpg

Adrian Senn, the youngest member of the Swiss Jet Scale Team , taxying back  his F-86 Sabre after a competition flight in 2011 in Dayton (Ohio), USA.> AdrianSenn.jpg

Scale model of a  BAe Hawk in the colours of the Swiss Air Force before touching down at the Jet World Masters 2011 in Dayton (Ohio), USA. > HawkVorAufsetzen.jpg

Scale model of an Aero L-39 Albatros in the colours of the Breitling Jet Team.  Builder and pilot is Raimund Wehrle, who will compete as a member of the Swiss Jet Scale Team.  > AlbatrosBreitling.jpg 

Turbine installation in the Swiss team member Reto Senn's Hawker Hunter.  Visible in the front are parts of the tank and the air ducts to the turbine. Behind is the turbine with the hot end pointing into the exhaust tube.   >  TurbineHunter.jpg





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